Starbucks did it.
So, did Dancing Deer, Harley Davidson and Martha Stewart.
They all harnessed the power of the press to make it big. And, now you can too. But, not like in the olden days.

Back in “the day,” we PR folks had lists of editors, reporters and publishers from magazines, radio and television stations who were the gatekeepers for what got published. And they decided on what got trashed.

Today, it’s a whole new game.

With the use of technology, WebPR is simply the most effective way to get press coverage, get your customer’s attention, build credibility, and the most important thing: get your customer to respond right back to you with a request, an inquiry or even an order. Because he heard about you through WebPR.

It’s incredible what it can do for your business.

The benefits of WebPR

  • Credibility and memorability
  • Repetition and frequency
  • Reporters/Media goes there for business research
  • Google News - 28-day cycle
  • RSS feeds, Podcasts, etc.
  • You are the publisher
  • Beefs up your Web Site
  • PR on your Web Site shows that you’re “busy” and growing
  • Consistent releases show continuity and position you as an expert and trusted resource
  • Releases are an important buying criteria

The old PR vs. The New PR

The Old PR The New PR
Media controls story No filters
Controlled, political, polite Free-wheeling, sometimes raucous
Media picks coverage News generated from original source
“We” as the voice Individual expression
“Editorial” criteria “Spread the word” criteria
Press as judge Internet community as judge
Editorial sanctity Unaltered message
“Newsworthy” Activity-based
Waiting for the media to act Being proactive and publishing
“Power of the Press” “Power of the People”
Occasional coverage 24/7 Buzz on your brand
“Spin” the story Content rich

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