Is your sales team engaged with your brand?
Gallup recently did a study
that showed that if all of your
employees were “fully engaged,”

meaning playing at the top of their game
and happy about it, your customers would be
70% more loyal, your turnover would drop
by 70% and your profits would jump 40%.

If your company is anything like the 30 million businesses in Gallup’s worldwide database, between 65% - 75% of your employees are not doing their best work, probably because you haven’t found a way to get them excited about your goals, or to make them feel that their own needs and contributions are important, according to a Fortune magazine report on the study.

In addition, according to Gallup, you have up to 25% who are who are “actively disengaged.” They’re just showing up and going through the motions and may quit at any time. Overall, 75% to 80% of your people are achieving much less and feeling far less enthusiastic about their work than they could be.

So what are the implications of “disengaged” people for your brand? Seems like it would be hard for these employees to give your customers a good brand experience. Ultimately, it will erode your brand and lessen your brand equity and value.

At North Star we have a process called Branding Inside, which will teach your sales team how to be fully engaged in the brand. It will not only get them excited about their job, but it will give them the tools they need to be brand champions.

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