Okay, so imagine you are spending a ton of money
(40 million dollars to be exact)
on advertising/marketing yet no one knows your company (you only have 2% awareness).

To make it even more fun, imagine your sales team is complaining that your products/services are just too expensive and no one wants to buy because of price!

Sounds like a nightmare, but all too often that is the case for a lot of companies these days. Well, this was the real life “situation” that AFLAC was experiencing. Then one magical day they discovered the duck.

Voila! They had a brand.

Now they have awareness (91%) and a product that practically sells itself. That’s the power of branding.

Below are just some of the companies North Star has done brand enhancement for:

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Do you know
what your
duck is?
We can help
you find it.

The Branding Process
1. Brand Evaluation
2. Brand Development
3. Branding Inside
4. Brand Plan