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2005 - CEOs Paint a Rosy Picture
In a recent survey of CEOs done by TEC (The Executive Committee, a CEO membership group), prognostications for 2005 took on a rosy glow. Most CEOs indicated a more positive attitude about 2005, with the TEC index rising from 11.4 in third quarter to 11.8 in fourth quarter of 2004. [Read More]

Why Salespeople Throw Away 97% of Their Leads
We’ve all seen this scenario many times: trade shows, ad campaigns and direct mail pieces generate leads and prospects who say they are “interested,” “may be buying soon,” or check the box that says “I’m interested, have a salesperson call me.” [Read More]

New Challenges in Marketing and Selling
As the economy starts to get better, companies are turning their efforts solely from cost cutting to focusing on their top line revenues. But they’re finding that there are new rules in the sales and marketing game. [Read More]

Profitable Growth is Everyone's Business
In the recent bestseller, “Profitable Growth is Everyone’s Business,” Ram Charan nails down fourteen critical areas for consideration in making everyone in your organization focused on growth: [Read More]

Whose Job is it, Anyway?
Selling is tough work; probably the hardest job in the company. Dealing with daily rejection, hard-nosed prospects and an often-skeptical management can push any salesperson over the top. And that’s why marketing is so important. [Read More]

Public Relations Yields Greatest Results
Most purchasing in today’s economy is done through a complex sales process with multiple buyers and a committee of influencers who are not always readily identified. As a result, marketing effectiveness has been found in public relations – using the power of the press to communicate with your market and have them come to you.
[Read More]

"Lifestyle, Design and Luxury” Products
North Star Marketing, Inc. recently announced a new division that is focused on branding products for manufacturers in the Lifestyle, Design and Luxury categories. [Read More]