North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #152 - A Big Win for Everyone

A Big Win for Everyone

Enter Business to Consumer (B2C) brands are continually looking for ways to find new consumers who might be interested in their brand, especially if the brands use e-commerce as one of their distribution channels. Safer® Brand, an organic gardening products company and North Star Marketing client, experiences this on a regular basis.

Due to the seasonality of their product lines, Safer Brand mounts a heavy campaign to connect with their consumers in early Spring. In addition to their seasonality, Safer Brand has increased efforts to drive traffic to their e-commerce site which was just re-designed to create a more friendly user-experience.

Safer(r) Brand After researching many options with North Star Marketing for the Spring Campaign, Safer Brand elected to add a Sweepstakes to the marketing mix. The "Grow Organic Giveaway" was launched at the beginning of April and is in full swing.

Check out the sweepstakes for yourself...
and feel free to sign-up!

"The 'Grow Organic Giveaway' is very exciting for the Safer Brand," notes Dave Swift, Category Development Manager. "Social Media and the other targeted tactics we're using will help the Giveaway to go viral and give organic gardeners across the country the chance to sign up to win a year's worth of organic products."

Swift adds that "organic gardeners are passionate about using products that get the job done and aren't harmful to people or the earth. And, Safer Brand shares that passion."

The "Grow Organic Giveaway" continues through May 4, 2011, with one major prize and five prize packs. Winners will be announced in May. The Giveaway is coordinated with other tactics you can see by clicking through the links on the side panel. We'll keep you updated as we progress through the Giveaway. It's a great idea where everyone wins!

Talk to you soon,

Kae G. Wagner
Kae Wagner
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