North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #150 - Inc. Magazine Agrees - Google Search is Everything

Inc. Magazine Agrees -
Google Search is Everything

Inc. Magazine We've been saying for years that Search Engine Optimization is the "must do" for getting your website on the first page of a Google Search. When your prospect types in a keyword for your kind of business, you want to be the first choice.

So we were delighted to find an article in the recent issue of Inc. magazine which illustrates the value of Google search:

"It's all about search - specifically, Google Search. Google's search algorithm takes into account 200 variables, most of which are kept secret to prevent companies from manipulating the search results."

The article goes on to explain more details of how search works and uses several examples of companies that made changes in their search engine optimization and the results they were able to achieve. Full article...

If you are like most companies we work with, a quick look at your source code would reveal that your SEO could use a lot of help. Increasing your SEO is one of the easier, cost-effective improvements you can make and get very fast results. Google searches websites about every 6-8 weeks, so doing SEO now would make a big difference the next time the search engines crawl your website.

Improving your SEO is something we can help you with and you'll get immediate benefits from it. Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase your status with Google and make it easy for your buyers to find you. Call us today.

Talk to you soon,

Kae G. Wagner
Kae Wagner
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