North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #143 - 10 Key Ingredients of Successful Viral Videos

10 Key Ingredients of Successful Viral Videos

Homegrown works
A video does not need to be professionally filmed to go viral; a Flip camera works just fine.

2 minutes or less
Videos that are about 1-2 minutes generally have a higher view and are more likely to go viral.

Be wary of selling
Viral is quirky with a hint of corporate. Too much product placement tends to be a turn-off. Think advertorial vs. advertisement.

Describe accurately
Using keywords and accurate descriptors in the text area makes your video easier to find.

Video series works best
Taping a series of videos works well when they all have a similar theme or feel.

Blog about it
Share your video on your blog as well as posting it on others' blogs. If you share it on niche blogs you will tap into a market that is probably into what you have to show them.

Experimentation is key
See what works, and then work with what works. It is hard to create a video with its intent to go viral. You need to see what works and when you find what does, run with it.

Talk about it
Create links in your emails, web pages, social media, etc., to get the word out on your video's existence. If people don't know it's there, how will they watch it?

Content is King
If your content is not memorable people won't find it valuable enough to share with others. The best viral videos have long lasting impressions on their viewers.

Invoking emotion from your viewer creates a connection from them to the video. Whether it is laughter, sadness, or marvel there is a reason for them to watch the video, like the video, and to share the video.

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Kae G. Wagner
Kae Wagner
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