North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #139 - The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

Can't seem to get anything done lately? It could be because you have too many goals.

Effective people seem to have the unique capability to maintain an intense focus on achieving a set goal. (Go see the movie, "The Aviator" for an example of intense focus.) Their focus on that goal is singular - nothing else distracts them.

Research shows some fascinating facts about the power of focus and what happens when you lose focus.*

Let's say you have a goal in mind and you have an 80% chance of achieving that one goal. If you add another goal, research shows that your chances of achieving both goals drop to 64%.

If you keep adding goals, the probability of achieving any of them goes down rapidly. Juggle five goals at once, for example, and you only have a 33% chance of getting any real results on any of them.

So, harness the power of focus by attacking each goal with an intense focus and you'll be amazed at the success you'll achieve.

*For additional information, read "The 8th Habit," by Steven Covey.

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Kae G. Wagner
Kae Wagner
President - North Star Marketing
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