North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #137 - From a Recent Blog

From a Recent Blog

I love reading blogs. They're real, unedited and often very funny. If you can get past the urge to correct bad grammar, finish incomplete sentences and tackle other writing errors, you'll find a world of great ideas: some half-baked, but interesting nonetheless.

Here's a blurb that I printed out from a recent blog:
"People do business for two reasons:

  1. You make money for them or relieve their pain.
  2. They like you.
Find the pain or the desire and be a genuine nice guy or gal and you have abundance. That simple.

Always check your proposition and yourself. If you're not making money, one of them or both are flawed."

It's that simple. Blogs - you gotta love 'em.

Talk to you soon,
Kae Wagner
President - North Star Marketing, Star Speakers
Award-winning Author, Speaker
Brand Consultant
CEO Advisor for Sales & Marketing

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