North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #122 - The opt-out: A brand-building tool? Absolutely.

The opt-out: A brand-building tool? Absolutely.

You're a company with an email marketing program: enewsletters, special offers, articles - maybe even regular marketing tips like this one.

emailYou're savvy. You know that the best email marketing - in fact, the only approach that builds a strong brand - requires permission-based relationship with an audience. You understand that each communication should convey something about your brand. And you recognize that every email you send is a two-way transaction: your reader gets value, and you get the reader's attention.

But what about when a recipient decides to unsubscribe? For some email marketers, the opt-out process is an afterthought. After all, who cares about someone who will no longer be a prospect?

In truth, every company should.

North Star Marketing's philosophy on branding has always been that details matter. Even the small things you do as an organization contribute to (or detract from) your brand. Here are three reasons why your unsubscribe process should be clear and simple:

  • It conveys a level of respect for your reader: "We appreciate your time. Come back if you like." (In fact, studies show that some readers actually do return after a hiatus.)
  • It says something about the way you do business in general: Are you honest? Do you believe in the value you provide? Do you focus on making life easier for your customers and prospects?
  • The unsubscribe process may be the last interaction a prospect has with your company. Shouldn't it be positive?
If you're not sure about your unsubscribe process, or if you have any other concerns about your email marketing program, contact me. North Star Marketing has been building brands through integrated marketing strategies since 1989, and we offer a full range of interactive services.

Bowen Smith
Executive Vice President

We also offer a no-cost Web assessment which can give you valuable insight into your site's performance. To arrange your assessment, contact me at or 717-392-6982, ext. 100.

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