NowVue: North Star puts the most valuable information at your fingertips

Marketing is constantly evolving. While most other marketing firms are trying to keep up with change, North Star Marketing is pioneering change with the introduction of NowVue.

"There's nothing better than knowing exactly what your customer wants," explains Ross Sachs, VP Interactive at North Star. "NowVue offers just that and more. We have taken the focus group concept to the web to gain valuable insights, both qualitatively and quantitatively, into the user's experience on our websites - in NowTime."

The response we have seen to date has been tremendous. Among our customers who have seen the demonstration, each sees the value immediately and has inquired about implementing the program. The result of NowVue is increased conversions, improved customer engagement, and immediate insight trending between your website and the web's most coveted asset, your site's visitor.

North Star Marketing, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has been innovating marketing, branding and public relations tactics since 1989. We've helped big and small; national, regional and local brands increase their marketshare and grow their bottom line - check out NowVue and see the proof as it happens.

Call us today for your personal demonstration to learn how North Star will grow your brand ahead of your competition, 717-392-6982, ext. 100 or

Bowen Smith
Executive Vice President

Wondering how your website fares overall? Let us do a website evaluation for you, free. Inquire about it when you call for your NowVue demonstration.

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