The 3rd R: RETAIN for Conversions

Picking up where we left off - after the Reveal of insights we learned about your Visitor Profile Segment (VPS) and giving them a Reward for visiting your site - it's time to make sure we Retain your visitors.

Conversion is the ultimate goal of Retain. We develop your site strategy and objectives to achieve that goal.

What is conversion? It could be completing a survey; supplying an email address; clicking a specific link or purchasing an item. However, in order to get the visitor to that end goal, we must retain them throughout the process. This is often referred to as "stickiness."

Visitors are more likely to stay on a site which has a strong, clean and structured design (user interface design.) Other tactics that increase conversion include: site performance; search features; calls-to-action; and product/service information.

The first three R's: Reveal, Reward, and Retain are extremely important to the success of a website, but without the last R - Respect for your visitors - all of your efforts can backfire. We'll touch on Respect next week.

If you plan early, work with a professional and set your goals and expectations clearly, your site can produce a competitive online presence for your products and services which will build brand trust, equity and loyalty.

I'd like to invite you to sit down with me to review your website or other upcoming marketing projects. In fact, let us evaluate your website - on us. I guarantee we can show you ways to increase your search results ranking. Call us at 717-392-6982, ext. 100 to set up an appointment or email me directly at

Ross Sachs
Vice President of Interactive/Brand Specialist

Wondering how sticky your site is? Review the Average Session Time in your site analytics to determine your abilities to retain your customers.

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