The Four R's of eMarketing, Part 2

Who doesn't like a little Reward?

Before we jump into the Reward, here's a little refresher course. The 4 R's of eMarketing are Reveal, Reward, Respect and Retain. In Part 1, we discussed insights that Reveal valuable information about your site's presentation to visitors and search engines; and how the continual evaluation of your online competitive environment will help you spot opportunities for immediate improvement. For example, to keep your site relevant with search engines, continually rotate your Meta Keywords based on the popular search words used on your site's search. (If you missed Part 1, click here to read it.)

As we begin to understand what your site is revealing about your visitors, we can better understand the Visitor Profile Segment (VPS) trends.

BTW, North Star Marketing will be revealing a new VPS trend spotter application when we launch our new site - which is now under development. Moving forward for newly developed websites, the VPS trend spotter dashboard will allow our clients to view how their visitors are using their site in real-time. Another of its key features will be the ability to separate returning visitors from first time visitors and comparing how each segment interacts with our site.

But, I digress.

Once you have a better understanding of your VPS, it's time to consider the important aspect of relationship building - Reward.

First, remember that visitors to your site come for specific reasons. Whether it's curiosity or research, your visitors have an intention; that's what segments them into different VPS groups. Secondly, YOU have an intention or goal for each VPS, like earning a new client.

Offering a Reward entices each VPS to flow through your site in the way you intend - to drive them to reach your intended goal for them.

You're probably familiar with some basic Reward programs, such as "sign up for our newsletter" or "send us your email and we'll add you to our mailing list." In each case, the reward is an unclear promise of being sent "something," but it is never clearly specified what they can expect from the newsletter or mailing list. These open programs generally under-perform because the user doesn't see a specific reward for supplying their email.

Take a look at the rewards you're offering: Do they tell the user what they are signing up for and what to expect? Are they tailored to meet your visitors' expectations and intentions?

If not, no worries. There are many other Reward options that you can offer, like incentives, for example. Who doesn't love getting a gift for just a little bit of effort? Of course, that little bit of effort carries a pay-off for you as well.

Perhaps you need a more integrated approach. Consider using offline print marketing as a driver to specific web pages within your site. These pages, specifically designed for the visitor, meet (read Reward) the VPS's expectations of message, information and experience. The value here is two-fold; you've reached a certain market via traditional - and possibly more comfortable - print marketing and you can tailor the Reward to that specific group.

The key to Reward is relevance. If your reward is relevant, it will keep your audience interested.

The North Star Marketing team welcomes the opportunity to review your site and site strategy to make sure you are achieving the rewards you want; after all we've been building national brands through integrated MarCom initiatives since 1989. You can reach us at 717-392-6982, ext. 100 or email me directly at to set up a meeting.

We'll talk about Respect and Retain in the upcoming Marketing Tips Stay tuned...

Let’s talk soon,
Ross Sachs
Brand Specialist
Vice President of Interactive

Here's another TIP for you: To increase your download response rate, divide your big documents into smaller, more subject specific downloads making it easier for your audience to download and stay on subject.

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