The Four R’s of eMarketing

We all know your customers interact with approximately 3,000 advertising and branding messages every day; more than 80% of them from word-of-mouth above any other source. Of course they’re talking to long time friends, family and colleagues, but they’re also listening to the new “friends” they’ve found on the web.

As marketing shifts toward new web techniques (e.g. web site applications, podcasts, webinars, email blasts) we add many new opportunities combined with traditional methods (e.g. print brochures, trade ads, trade shows, billboards) to put your brand position in-the-hands of millions. From a marketing standpoint, this has given more control to your potential consumers. The days of One-to-Many communication has evolved to Many-to-Many.

With your message in the hands of more consumers, it is more important than ever that your marketing plan include an integrated process. This simply means making sure your marketing mix is a creative integration of traditional methods and new techniques based on your consumers.

Is it really that simple?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll tackle creative integration tips and suggestions that allow you to focus on new concepts and possibilities of online marketing: Reveal, Reward, Respect and Retain.

I will share how new web ideas can engage your customers to Reveal insights about your valuable visitors, Reward their actions, Respect their time and Retain their interest in your products and services in order to build brand trust.

First, let’s start with...Reveal:
Reveal begins with analysis of the numbers, using a combination of web analytics as the starting point. Your web site data allows us to learn about your competitive environment, spot opportunities for immediate SEO (search engine optimization) improvements and develop creative actionable improvements.

We start with Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords.
Search engines review and have preference to the length of your Page Titles. The maximum recommended length for page titles is 70 characters – how long are yours?

Also, your Meta Description should be no more than 150 characters - do you know how long your current description is?

As for Meta Keywords, search engines don't weigh keywords as heavily as they used to, but they're still important to get right. By using too many keywords, it is possible that you are diluting the effect of your most important keywords. This is common because clients try too hard and link to too much. Do you?

With these as a starting point and some additional information from you, we can begin to build your visitor profile segmentations (VPS). As we better understanding your audience and how they interact with your site, we can begin to tackle the second R: Reward.

North Star Marketing welcomes the opportunity to review your site for the first R: Reveal. You can reach me at 717-392-6982, ext. 100 or email directly at to set-up a review.

Stay tuned to hear about Reward, Respect, and Retain...

Let’s talk soon,
Ross Sachs
Brand Specialist
Vice President of Interactive

Here’s another SEO tip: When does your URL expire? I recommend renewing domains with your registrar for extended periods. Google and other search engines may penalize websites with domains that are set to expire soon. The reason for this is that many spam sites are often registered for only short periods of time. At North Star, we want to make sure you are presenting an integrated and consistent message, even to Google and other search engines.

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